The Moose Riders, Page 82

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Happy Wednesday. Looks like we’re back on the twice weekly schedule, at least for a bit longer. Flashback is almost over, so when I’m back to color things might have to slow down again. Page 83 on Friday!

So the Wizard World Comic Con is coming to St. Louis in March. I’d love to get a table, but I don’t really think I have a big enough fan base to justify the expense of getting a table, printing comics, etc. Here’s your chance to prove me wrong. If I can sell enough original pages of the Moose Riders to cover the con expenses in time to reserve a table in Artist Alley and get a stack of comics printed, then I’m in. If you are interested in buying a page of original Moose Riders art, look through the archive and let me know which page(s) you are interested in. I’ll let you know if it’s still available, how much it costs, and I’ll show you a raw scan of the page with no Photoshop enhancement so you can decide if you still want it or not. Most pages are in the $50 range, give or take, and two-page spreads will only be sold as a pair.

If I can’t sell enough to cover my costs, I’m going to try to at least get a ticket to check out the con. Looks like fun!