About Chrome Dome

I’m Charlie, and this site has some of my comics, sketches, and other junk. Hope you dig.

That’s the short version. The longer story goes like this… I started this site in 2006 to post two different comics that I made. The first one, the Sin Police, was something I had been messing around with off and on since college. It started out as a short story I wrote for a fiction writing class in the early nineties, and I adapted it for a cartooning/illustration class as well. I kept thinking that it would be this big continuing series that I would keep working on for years despite adversity, poor sales, general lack of interest, etc. The thing I didn’t consider was that the lack of interest might be my own.

Gramps Goes Bowling

Gramps Goes Bowling

The other comic, Grandpa Sex Machine, was a single panel gag comic that was based on a goofy sketch I did on a flight to Chicago. Based on encouragement from my friend/brother-in-law Tim, I did a few more pics with Gus and eventually turned him into a comic. GSM started building a small following (the T&A helped, I think), and I had some fun with it for a bit, but after awhile it started to feel like I was just doing variations on the same joke. Still, there are a few of those GSM panels that I’m proud of, and I may revisit him from time to time if inspiration strikes.

That brings us up to the current project, The Moose Riders. Completely different vibe from GSM (no cleavage at all), but I’m still all fired up about it. The inspiration for this one came from my two kids, Truman and Wini, and I’ve got a story arc outlined for it that is probably too big for someone who hasn’t stuck with any comic project long enough to finish it, but I feel good about this one (and I want to make my kids proud of me).

Thanks to my family and friends for all the support, and thanks to Nate Piekos over at Blambot Fonts for all the totally sweet and awesome comic book fonts.