Westley is the big brother--lost and frightened and trying to keep his little sister safe from the zombie horde. He has no idea why the moose is protecting them, but he's grateful just the same.

The Moose Riders, Coming Soon

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A Zombie Apocalypse separates two children from their parents while on a camping trip in Alaska. The kids befriend a moose who becomes their guardian against the shambling hordes. I’ve been slowly putting this comic together for awhile now and have finally quit dragging my feet on it. Hoping to start making pages available to […]

The Moose Riders, Page 7

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Beginning of a long flashback sequence here. Not entirely thrilled with the transition–switching to black and white for a flashback seems a bit heavy-handed, but it serves the purpose (and makes coloring go much faster). There’s an interview with me up over at stlwebcomics.org–not sure if there are any big revelations, but go ahead and […]