The Moose Riders, Page 73

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Adding this blog post hours after the page went up. Working two weeks ahead right now–I usually upload the page to the blog as soon as it’s finished but don’t always write a post to accompany it until later, so sometimes I forget about the accompanying jibber-jabber completely.

Not sure about the overlapping shouts of the parents. Trying to strike a balance between clarity for the readers’ sake and confusion for the sake of establishing mood. I think more confusion is probably the way to go, so there may be a revision posted later–more overlapping words, maybe smaller letters, too.

BTW–going to have a Christmas sale on the digital downloads for Chapters 1 and 2 starting next week. A buy one/get one free kind of a thing. So if you are giving someone a Kindle Fire for Christmas, you can pre-load it with the first two Chapters of the Moose Riders in .PDF format for only $1! Cool, right? Also, I’ll let the sale run past Christmas so that if you get that fancy new iPad from Santa, you’ll be able to take advantage of this deal on Boxing Day. I’m a giver.

Edit: Just tweaked the lettering a bit.