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In case you missed Monday’s blog post, I’m running a Holiday Sale right now on the .PDF downloads of Chapters 1 and 2 of The Moose Riders! If you buy both chapters, just use the discount code 1dollar2books when you check out and it’ll take $1 off of the total, giving you both chapters for the price of one. Cool, right?

The Moose Riders Chapter 3

Chapter 3 dawns cold and gloomy. The kids are packing up camp, and Westley’s temper is short with thoughts of the previous evening’s nightmares fresh in his mind. We see […]

The Moose Riders Chapter 2

The second chapter of The Moose Riders begins with the travelers camping in the Alaskan wilderness. A flashback fills us in on a few more pre-outbreak details, and we meet […]

The Moose Riders Chapter 1

Two kids on a camping trip get separated from their parents by a zombie apocalypse. Lost in the Alaskan wilderness, they are rescued by a moose, who becomes their guardian […]