The Moose Riders, Page 43

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This page? Two weeks early. First time in two years that I’ve had more than 1 page in the buffer.

My wife is pretty good at anticipating potential conflict and figuring out ways to avoid it, or defusing it when it can’t be avoided. I tend to react with angry yelling. In calm moments I can see that her method is more effective, but when I do the whole firm-yet-calm-correction thing and it doesn’t work, I lose my brain.

So a friend of mine told me last week that she saw someone wearing a Moose Riders shirt at a local Sam’s. My first thought was, “Isn’t there some sort of motorcycle club that calls themselves ‘Moose Riders?’ Probably a coincidence.” Then she told me the shirt ALSO had my name on it. That would be a pretty major coincidence. It’s possible that the Moose Riders has an actual fan, but given the fact that this person lives near me, she could simply be a friend doing me a favor be spreading word of the Moose Riders through fashion. Either way, friend or fan, if you are reading this and that was you at Sam’s the other day, send me a pic of you in your fancy shirt so I can make a fan gallery of some sort!

This also brings up the issue of Moose Riders merchandise. Is there a call for MR t-shirts? This comic isn’t exactly full of funny catch-phrases, but I could put together some shirts with the logo or characters or something if anyone is interested. Not exactly sure how to have them produced–I know there are a ton of POD services out there for this, but I don’t know much about their print quality. I think I might like to have them screen-printed, but I don’t really want to put the cash up front for that. Thoughts?