The Moose Riders, Page 55

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Here’s page 55, which means we are rapidly approaching the end of Chapter 2. As it turns out, I am also rapidly approaching my 40th birthday. I’m thinking about doing this thing where I finish the chapter ON my birthday, so it feels like I’ve accomplished something before I’m over-the-hill, but that means I’ll have to sneak a few more pages in before September 6. If I can find time to draw pages 60, 61, and 62 before this arbitrary deadline, do you folks have any opinions on how you’d like the posting to go? I’m leaning toward sticking the last 3 pages up all in the same week–Sept 4, 5, and 6. Or do you think you’d rather have two weeks of 2-page updates, say a page on 8/28, 8/30, 9/4, and 9/6? Or do you even have a preference? Thoughts?