The Moose Riders, Chapter 2

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Ok, here we go with Chapter 2. Not sure if I’m entirely satisfied with this cover, so don’t be surprised if it changes a bit over the next couple days. Since today is Creator-Owned Day, though, I felt like I should update today, whether I had it fully tweaked or not.

I wrote this script two years ago, and as I re-read it recently I kept going, “Oh, yeah. I remember that.” I think I’ll be tweaking the script a bit as I go (as I did with Chapter 1), but the plan is to keep on plugging along.

Now that Chapter 1 is complete, I’m thinking about printing it, but maybe I’ll just wait until the whole story is finished. Still debating. I’ve never gotten a comic prepped for printing, so I’m guessing there will be a lot of stuff I have to fix along the way, which makes printing each chapter sound like a good idea to me. I look back at some of the art and think that I need to make some changes here and there anyway.

Happy March!