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Sorry again for the wait. Still haven’t been able to re-establish a regular routine, but I’m making efforts in that direction. Thanks for sticking with me.

I dig Scott Pilgrim. Loved the books, was super excited about the movie, saw it at midnight opening night, and couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot through much of the movie. SO much fun. My son, who also loved the books, was super excited to see the movie, but unable to do so opening weekend. I told him I’d take him to see it for his birthday in just a few weeks. Based on all the joy from the Comic-Con screening, I had assumed it was safe to promise that it would still be in theaters on his birthday. Then I heard about the disappointing box office numbers and I couldn’t understand it. It did so poorly that when my son turned 12, a mere 3 weeks after it opened, SP was no longer at any of the nearby theaters. WTF?

Scott Pilgrim Cake

My attempt to earn my son's love.

I tried to compensate for my failure as a father by making Scott’s face out of fondant on his birthday cake (made by my wife). Turned out pretty well, I think, aside from the apparent need of orthodontia.

So the day after his party, (on my birthday, actually) I tweeted the cake to Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley (@radiomaru) and he re-tweeted it to his fans AND faved it on deviantArt. Pretty swell, huh? My brushes with greatness now include not only seeing Danno from Hawaii 5-O at the airport when I was a kid, but also receiving polite acknowledgment from an actual famous person.

I’m so awesome.

For a lousy dad, anyway.

Ah well, at least he’ll be able to watch the DVD.