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So, if you look at the bottom of the left sidebar there, you’ll see that I’ve started up one of those Twitter accounts so I can…tweet and…whatnot. I’m a bit embarrassed by the whole thing, really. The fact that I have a blog and post my stupid thoughts and my silly pictures is a bit pretentious already–the idea that I have anything worthwhile to contribute to the world at large seems conceited at times. I shied away from Twitter for a long time because it’s even MORE self-centered to assume that the People demand to be kept abreast of all my various mundane activities and random mood changes.

The thing is, as time went on, I found my self checking in on the twittering of various comic/art folks (and Shit My Dad Says, of course). It became more and more apparent that a Twitter account would be helpful, just so I could follow all these people in one central location. I know I could always just follow those guys and not make any tweets myself, but as long as I’ve got the account, I figured I’d give it a shot.

So, anyhow, if you are into that whole Twitter thing, I invite you to follow, even if only out of pity.