More SantaLand sketches

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Grandpa Sex Machine is on temporary hiatus until things calm down at work. In the mean time, here’s another look at my sketchbook.

So, the SantaLand Diaries, available in stage form or as a short story in Barrel Fever and Holidays on Ice, tells of David Sedaris‘ own experience working as a Christmas elf at Macy’s Dept. Store in NYC. At one point, Crumpet (David’s “elf name”) notices the obvious anagram in the name “Santa,” and begins imagining a Satanland, “…where visitors would wade through steaming pools of human blood and feces before arriving at the Gates of Hell, where a hideous imp in a singed velvet costume would take them by the hand and lead them toward Satan….”

“Father Christmas or the Devil- -so close, but yet so far.”

No end in sight with the end of the school year craziness. Check back next week for more sloppy rough sketches.