Drink and Draw, with a MODEL!

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Like I mentioned in Wednesday’s blaahg post, the Belleville Drink and Draw Social Club had its big Dr. Sketchy’s style life drawing session.  Mimi of St. Louis’ own Alley Cat Revue was the model and was a lot of fun.  The pile of scribbling that you see above is representative of only a handful of the the total drawings I did last night–lots of poses that changed quickly.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to draw that quickly in pencil–hardly any time to add value.  I’d bring charcoal, but I’m afraid I’d make a big mess–I’m kind of a slob as evidenced by those drawings up there.  I envy people that can draw clean and slick.  It also became evident fairly quickly that I need a bigger sketchpad.

Was hoping that a girl in skimpy outfits would bring more people to the whole Drink and Draw thing, and it brought in a couple new folks (including my friend Chris), but it was still pretty sparsely attended.  Gene was working again, so didn’t get a chance to draw, which is too bad because he’s really good at drawing pretty girls.