GSM 01.25 Gus vs. Sarah

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I guess this is as close as Grandpa Sex Machine gets to political humor.  What it boils down to–the essential nugget of sociopolitical truth that I’m trying to get at here–is this:  Tina Fey is cute.  Vote Obama.

(If you are reading this post on Facebook, you’ll probably need to go to the original post to see the comic.)

I’ve been reading DJ Coffman’s blog a lot lately.  I came for the comic-business drama and stayed for the social commentary.  He’s predicting a landslide for Obama.  I’m not as confident, but hopeful.  DJ has talked a lot about the rampant racism in Pennsylvania.  Seeing the footage of political rallies and demonstrations there really drives that point home.  The whole situation seems to suggest that the McCain campaign’s recent certainty that they can turn PA from a blue state to a red state has more to do with them trying to exploit that racism than anything related to real politics.  Ugly stuff.

The other cool thing about DJ’s blog is it introduced me to the music of the Flobots.  Good stuff.  I could listen to “Handlebars” all day long.

Whatever your political views, please vote tomorrow (if you haven’t done so already).  Apathy sucks balls.  The predicted massive voter turn-out is definitely encouraging.