The Joys of Home Ownership

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Hey.  Not a real update here, I know–if you checked the links in this post, you’re already familiar with this image, but I haven’t been able to work on anything new.  Still bogged down in flooring drama.

My wife and I had been working on it off and on for a couple weeks, but got serious about it on Sunday when we moved all the furniture out of the bedrooms.  The carpet from the bedrooms, the hall, and living room are gone.  One layer of linoleum from both bedrooms is gone.  On Monday I rented a floor stripper/power scraper (whatever you want to call it ) thing in the hopes of getting the original vinyl flooring out of the two bedrooms.  12 hours later and I almost had one room complete, but my hands and fingers were throbbing and swollen and my abdomen bruised from the constant beating I took from the vibrating floor stripper/power scraper/electric torture device (whatever you want to call it ) thing.  And yes, I know I just used “throbbing,” “swollen,” and “vibrating,” in the same sentence.  I’m just too tired to craft it into a joke.

Anyhow, as this thoroughly enjoyable week comes to a close, the bedrooms are both ready for the new floor.  Tim is helping me out starting tomorrow at 6:45.  Of course when the bedrooms are finished it’s on to the living and dining rooms, so it looks like it’ll be awhile ’til I’m back on any kind of regular schedule here.  Thanks for your patience!