GSM 01.12 All too easy; DJ does Yirmumah

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This one feels like a bit of a cop-out…one of the things that I kind of enjoy about Gus is his never-ending struggle to get any sort of attention from the opposite sex. The thing about strippers is, as long as you’ve got a fist-full of dollars, getting attention isn’t exactly a challenge. Of course, my friend Tim once entered a strip-joint with nothing but a jumbo pack of gum, and by the time he left, he had been attended to by every exotic dancer in the place. Impressive.

Yirmumah Sweeps Week

Today is the last day of Yirmumah’s Sweeps Week (which starts here). I’m guessing that my audience is probably made up of my family and friends, plus some people that followed the Chrome Dome link off of, so to all you family/friend types that haven’t yet seen Yirmumah, you should go check it out and look through the archives. DJ Coffman is funny and skilled.

Potential down-time

The last few weeks of school are always a terrible pain, and I’ve got way too much to do. I don’t want to take a hiatus, but I might not have a choice. If I’m hit-and-miss over the next few weeks, I ask that you forgive me and keep checking back. Or, try subscribing to the RSS feed and you’ll be notified when I put a new post up.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!