The Moose Riders, Page 40

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Aside from the tent on the previous couple pages, this is the first interior scene in the whole comic. Also, fans of reMIND will notice a little homage to Victuals up there in the first panel.

So last weekend I got an envelope full of awesome in the mail. ComiXpress sent me the proof copy of The Moose Riders #1, and it looks so good. Well, aside from a few mistakes that I should have caught before I sent it to them. Anyhow, I’ve got a little tweaking to do and then it should be available for purchase. I’m planning on doing a digital version, too, but unfortunately The Illustrated Section is closing up shop, so I have to find some other way to sell it. They definitely had the most creator-friendly deal going (that I found, anyway), so that’s kind of a shame. I completely understand why she had to shut down, though.

Anyhow, hope you dig the latest page, and I’ll definitely let you know when #1 is for sale!