Rejected Cover

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Drew this 2 years ago (!) for the cover of Chapter 4, but as I mentioned last month, I’ve had to re-think Chapter 4 a bit. Also, the guest art I’ve been waiting for is still incomplete, so I’m forced to fill that empty page in issue 3 with something else in order to finally pass it along to the printer. Dusted off this drawing, added some color, and will put the file together for the printer ASAP. That guest art will eventually be finished–hopefully I’ll be able to stick it in the 4th issue.

ALSO…this Saturday is the first one in May, so don’t forget to swing by a comic shop and get your free comic books! To help celebrate, I am offering the digital version of the Moose Riders #1 FOR FREE! No purchase necessary. Just download that thing, read it, and if you dig it enough to spend a buck on Chapter 2 or 3, then come on back and get ’em!