Drink and Draw, Belleville Chapter

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Well, the Belleville, Illinois Chapter of the Drink and Draw Social Club had it’s first meeting last night, and my results for the hour and a half I spent there are posted above. In attendance were myself, my mother-in-law Marsha, and Gene, who works in the kitchen at Mosaics on Main (the place that hosted the meeting). In spite of the low attendance, it was a good time. Gene and Marsha are both super-talented, and I would link to examples of their work, but I don’t know if either one of them has anything online.

Mosaics was hosting an open-mic night as well, and the dude in the hat up there was one of the performers. Good times. I’m hoping for a bigger turn-out next week (I’m going to try again to talk my friend Chris into going), but I’m guessing that the Dr. Sketchy’s thing they have planned for next month will put more butts in the seats.