Drink and Draw 07/03

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Finally made it out to another Drink and Draw last night, and it looks like it’s been growing in my absence, so that’s awesome.  Gene wasn’t there, but the bartender on duty is also an artist.  Rich (Rick?) is pictured up there on the top right, but isn’t nearly as sinister looking in real life as he is in that caricature.  Miriam (Mariam? Meriam?) was also new (actually she’d been there a couple times before but not when I was there)–that’s her in the lower left–and her friend Angelina  showed up, too (didn’t get a chance to draw her).  Four people drawing isn’t so bad.  At least better than the time I was the only schmo w/ a sketchbook.  Anyhow, Dr. Sketchy’s next week, so bring a sketchbook and draw a burlesque performer!

Also last night my friend Mike from work showed up with a bunch of folks–I think at least some of them will be there next week.  They weren’t drawing, and I kind of missed my window to hang out with them, but Mike bought me a couple beers anyway.  I’ll try to return the favor next week.

In Grandpa Sex Machine news, I managed to get a comic roughly sketched up last night.  The floor project is still not finished, so no promises on completion, but wanted to let you know that comics are still in the works.