Grandpa’s Skate Deck

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Are you in desperate need of some Grandpa Sex Machine merchandise?  I thought so.  That’s why I did you the favor of making Gus available on a skate deck.
GSM skate deck

But wait, there’s more!  For all of you old farts (like me) that’ll break a hip if you try to ollie, here’s the GSM longboard, built for cruisin’.

And finally, because all the kids dig the snow sports these days, the GSM snowboard, featuring Grandpa printed on a genuine Donek snowboard.  Sweet.

So think about this stuff for your Valentine–because nothing says “I Love You” like a dirty old man with a thong on his head.


GSM 01.16 Gramps goes bowling

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Two years of nothing and then updates two weeks in a row? Is this some harbinger of doom?

No, just Grandpa up to his old tricks. I was thinking of maybe having Gus drop a ball on his foot, and then this weekend I had a lame skateboard accident and jacked up my wrists and back. Is that some sort of proactive karma preventing me from hurting the old guy? Hmmm…