GSM 01.18 More Bowling

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I spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking of team names for the bowling shirts that were suggestive and naughty, but it seems like most of those ideas have been put on t-shirts already. I looked at my dad’s old bowling shirts and realized that they typically just had the name of the local business that sponsored the team. So dat’s what I did. Jo’s Place is just a generic bar name, but Mostly Sanitary Brewing Co. has history.

My brother-in-law Tim bought a homebrew kit when he moved here from California a couple years ago and we started brewing. We’d make beer, listen to Dan Reeder, and talk about the silly labels we’d put on the bottles. He came up with the idea for Angry Pussy Ale (available on posters, coasters, etc.), which I imagine to be a beer that Gus would really enjoy. I thought that a sweet, fruity kind of beer that Gus might share with the ladies could go by the name Grandpa Sex Machine’s Liquid Panty Remover, also available in multiple formats. Anyhow, Tim named our little enterprise based on our “close enough” attitude when it comes to the cleaning of supplies, work space, etc.

We haven’t brewed for awhile, but plan to get back at it this summer. Awesome.