Grandpa’s cameo

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I got a job designing a poster for a local community college theater. The play is called “My First Time,” and it’s based on the website of the same name (NSFW). Basically lots of stories from lots of folks about their first time having sex. Entertaining stuff. Anyhow, when I got the job I thought it would be an appropriate place for Gus to make an appearance. Here you see the result, minus all the wordy stuff about show-times and whatnot. The girl originally had more cleavage and was standing up while Grandpa checked out her butt, but I was asked to tone it down a bit.

SO for all you GSM fans (his facebook page has 85 followers–big time, huh?), sorry this isn’t a full-on comic like from back in the old days, but it’s the best I can give at the moment. Hope you dig it anyway.