GSM 01.14 Choking Hazard; Travel

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Unfinished, but here it is. The crumby part? I had it this far last week and figured I’d have time to get it finished and cleaned up in a week. Hah.

Goin’ places

The class I’m taking finishes up today, so managing antisocial behavior should be no problem for me come 3:30 this afternoon. After that, we’re headed to Indianapolis to assist in another cross-stitch market. Four hours in a car with young children is awesome.

Edit 6/15

Well, another week packed w/ more stuff than I have to do while employed has passed. My kids had fun at the pool, though, so it all works out. Trying to figure out what I want for Father’s Day, and all I can think of right now is new bearings for my son’s skateboard.

I did manage to put the finishing touches on Grandpa up there, so I guess I was somewhat productive. Only took me 3 weeks to finish this one comic. Pretty poor, huh?

Anyhow, be nice to your dad this weekend.

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