Drink and Draw 07/03

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Finally made it out to another Drink and Draw last night, and it looks like it’s been growing in my absence, so that’s awesome.  Gene wasn’t there, but the bartender on duty is also an artist.  Rich (Rick?) is pictured up there on the top right, but isn’t nearly as sinister looking in real life as he is in that caricature.  Miriam (Mariam? Meriam?) was also new (actually she’d been there a couple times before but not when I was there)–that’s her in the lower left–and her friend Angelina  showed up, too (didn’t get a chance to draw her).  Four people drawing isn’t so bad.  At least better than the time I was the only schmo w/ a sketchbook.  Anyhow, Dr. Sketchy’s next week, so bring a sketchbook and draw a burlesque performer!

Also last night my friend Mike from work showed up with a bunch of folks–I think at least some of them will be there next week.  They weren’t drawing, and I kind of missed my window to hang out with them, but Mike bought me a couple beers anyway.  I’ll try to return the favor next week.

In Grandpa Sex Machine news, I managed to get a comic roughly sketched up last night.  The floor project is still not finished, so no promises on completion, but wanted to let you know that comics are still in the works.

Drink and Draw, with a MODEL!

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Like I mentioned in Wednesday’s blaahg post, the Belleville Drink and Draw Social Club had its big Dr. Sketchy’s style life drawing session.  Mimi of St. Louis’ own Alley Cat Revue was the model and was a lot of fun.  The pile of scribbling that you see above is representative of only a handful of the the total drawings I did last night–lots of poses that changed quickly.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to draw that quickly in pencil–hardly any time to add value.  I’d bring charcoal, but I’m afraid I’d make a big mess–I’m kind of a slob as evidenced by those drawings up there.  I envy people that can draw clean and slick.  It also became evident fairly quickly that I need a bigger sketchpad.

Was hoping that a girl in skimpy outfits would bring more people to the whole Drink and Draw thing, and it brought in a couple new folks (including my friend Chris), but it was still pretty sparsely attended.  Gene was working again, so didn’t get a chance to draw, which is too bad because he’s really good at drawing pretty girls.

Not slacking, honest

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Sorry for the lack of Grandpa Sex Machine this week, but like I mentioned before, home remodeling is taking priority right now. I’ve been sneezing incessantly since this whole thing began–good times.

Wanted to mention that the Belleville Chapter of the Drink and Draw Social Club (which I’ve been absent from for the past couple weeks) is having a Dr. Sketchy’s inspired evening this Thursday. Mosaics on Main has invited the Alley Cat Revue, so for a $10 cover charge you’ll be able to draw burlesque performers. So once again–all you St. Louis area artists–bring your sketchbooks and come hang out with us tomorrow night!

Drink and Draw 2

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So last night was the second “official” meeting, and was basically a meeting of one. Gene was there but working (there was a small crowd for the jazz band that was playing (good stuff)), Marsha had a previous obligation, and nobody new showed up. I’m feeling a bit pathetic.

Anyhow, up above you see what I drew while drinking alone. The girl is actually an older drawing that I was finishing up a bit, but I’m struggling to figure out a way for Gus to interact with her. A reference to a teabag seems a bit too obvious.

The other rough drawing, like Girl w/ Moose from last week, is tied into this drawing, which I’ll give you more info on next week. Have a good holiday weekend–stay safe.

Drink and Draw, Belleville Chapter

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Well, the Belleville, Illinois Chapter of the Drink and Draw Social Club had it’s first meeting last night, and my results for the hour and a half I spent there are posted above. In attendance were myself, my mother-in-law Marsha, and Gene, who works in the kitchen at Mosaics on Main (the place that hosted the meeting). In spite of the low attendance, it was a good time. Gene and Marsha are both super-talented, and I would link to examples of their work, but I don’t know if either one of them has anything online.

Mosaics was hosting an open-mic night as well, and the dude in the hat up there was one of the performers. Good times. I’m hoping for a bigger turn-out next week (I’m going to try again to talk my friend Chris into going), but I’m guessing that the Dr. Sketchy’s thing they have planned for next month will put more butts in the seats.

Drink and Draw TONIGHT!

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So if you know about the Drink and Draw Social Club, then you know it sounds pretty sweet.  Well, there’s this place in Belleville, Illinois, just minutes east of St. Louis, called Mosaics on Main, and they’re trying to start up a local chapter TONIGHT.  I’ma go check it out and encourage you to do the same if you are in the area.  I’ll try to post something about it tomorrow.