The Moose Riders, Chapter 2

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Ok, here we go with Chapter 2. Not sure if I’m entirely satisfied with this cover, so don’t be surprised if it changes a bit over the next couple days. Since today is Creator-Owned Day, though, I felt like I should update today, whether I had it fully tweaked or not.

I wrote this script two years ago, and as I re-read it recently I kept going, “Oh, yeah. I remember that.” I think I’ll be tweaking the script a bit as I go (as I did with Chapter 1), but the plan is to keep on plugging along.

Now that Chapter 1 is complete, I’m thinking about printing it, but maybe I’ll just wait until the whole story is finished. Still debating. I’ve never gotten a comic prepped for printing, so I’m guessing there will be a lot of stuff I have to fix along the way, which makes printing each chapter sound like a good idea to me. I look back at some of the art and think that I need to make some changes here and there anyway.

Happy March!


The Moose Riders, Page 35

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So a few people have asked me to make The Moose Riders available as a .PDF. And by “a few people,” I mean my sister. Still, seemed like a fine idea. I’m waiting for a bit of extra special fan art to get finished up as an extra enticement, but once that’s good to go I will offer Chapter 1 for sale through The Illustrated Section. I’m also putting together a print version, but I’ve got a few technical things to work out first. Anyhow, thanks for reading!


The Moose Riders, Page 40


Aside from the tent on the previous couple pages, this is the first interior scene in the whole comic. Also, fans of reMIND will notice a little homage to Victuals up there in the first panel.

So last weekend I got an envelope full of awesome in the mail. ComiXpress sent me the proof copy of The Moose Riders #1, and it looks so good. Well, aside from a few mistakes that I should have caught before I sent it to them. Anyhow, I’ve got a little tweaking to do and then it should be available for purchase. I’m planning on doing a digital version, too, but unfortunately The Illustrated Section is closing up shop, so I have to find some other way to sell it. They definitely had the most creator-friendly deal going (that I found, anyway), so that’s kind of a shame. I completely understand why she had to shut down, though.

Anyhow, hope you dig the latest page, and I’ll definitely let you know when #1 is for sale!