The Moose. An enigmatic figure. Protector of children, slayer of zombies.


The Moose Riders, Page 30

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Here’s page 30–on a Thursday! With crazy-weird perspective on that SUV, too! And the angriest moose ever!

Hope you’ve been digging the recent pages. If you like, please spread the word. I know my lousy update history lost whatever small audience I had built up, so any help you can give to recruit new readers would be appreciated. Like Chrome Dome on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, spraypaint the URL on billboards, etc.

Flashback ends on page 31.


The Moose Riders, Page 31

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Thus ends the flashback, which means a return to color. Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten what little I knew about coloring comics, because that last panel is a bit hideous. Yeesh.

Chapter one ends on the next page, which I’ve already penciled and inked–hopefully I’ll get my color problems sorted out quickly and have the page up soon.


The Moose Riders, Page 32

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Welcome to the end of Chapter 1. The colors are killing me. I want to be able to digitally paint like Daniel Lieske and Lois van Baarle, but they have this grasp of light and color that seems almost supernatural to me.

Anyway, I was on a roll–I had penciled and inked pages 31 and 32 within the space of 3 days, but the coloring has slowed me down a bit. Have to get going on the cover to Chapter 2 next–will post ASAP.

EDIT: Color was bugging me–just tweaked it a bit.


The Moose Riders, Chapter 2

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Ok, here we go with Chapter 2. Not sure if I’m entirely satisfied with this cover, so don’t be surprised if it changes a bit over the next couple days. Since today is Creator-Owned Day, though, I felt like I should update today, whether I had it fully tweaked or not.

I wrote this script two years ago, and as I re-read it recently I kept going, “Oh, yeah. I remember that.” I think I’ll be tweaking the script a bit as I go (as I did with Chapter 1), but the plan is to keep on plugging along.

Now that Chapter 1 is complete, I’m thinking about printing it, but maybe I’ll just wait until the whole story is finished. Still debating. I’ve never gotten a comic prepped for printing, so I’m guessing there will be a lot of stuff I have to fix along the way, which makes printing each chapter sound like a good idea to me. I look back at some of the art and think that I need to make some changes here and there anyway.

Happy March!


The Moose Riders, Page 59

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My friend JT went to the Star Wars Celebration VI last week. I can’t tell you how envious I am.

So here’s the plan for next week: two-page spread should go up on Tuesday, and then the last page of Chapter 2 on Thursday. Three pages in two updates in one week. Check back, or follow me on Twitter, or “Like” the Chrome Dome Facebook page to get notified. Thanks!


The Moose Riders, Page 63

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So here’s the first page of Chapter 3. In case you missed it last week, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are both in print now. The comiXpress sales reports only show me what titles were purchased in what quantities, so I have no idea who has bought the comics so far or I would thank you each individually. Please accept my blanket thanks here–I really appreciate you taking the time to read the pages here and then shell out real money to buy those same stories in comic book form. It means a lot, and I am grateful.

If you are looking for digital versions of The Moose Riders, they are also available. $1.00 each for a PDF file for your Mac, PC, iPad, Kindle Fire, or other compatible device.

Also, thanks to everybody who listened to my appearance on Too Heavy to Skydive last week. It was a lot of fun, and if you haven’t listened yet, you can go listen or download it directly from them (NSFW), or through iTunes if you prefer. I started out as kind of a hit and miss listener, but lately I catch them every week. Funny stuff.