New projects and old age

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So I tried watching the MTV Video Music Awards last night and felt completely out of touch.  I had always heard that the big target demographic that advertisers are after are “Men, 18-35.”  I always thought “Weird.  I won’t suddenly change into my father at the age of 36.”  Well on Saturday I turned 36, and as I tried watching the VMAs on Sunday I realized that I was right about not changing into my father, but the problem was that I hadn’t changed into a hip young kid, either.  I am irrelevant.

The whole Myspace thing seems like a place for kids to spend time online–being angsty and putting themselves at risk for abduction.  So I joined Facebook and thought, “Yeah.  Looks like adults are here.  People I graduated High School with.  Nice.”  Then I got my first piece of “Flair,” and as I looked throughout the choices of flair and realized that I have no opinion whatsoever on either the Jonas Brothers or Twilight, it became apparent that 98% of this Flair thing was not targeted at me.  Once again, I’m irrelevant.

So…36 Saturday, VMAs on Sunday.  Feeling old.  Then Kid Rock came on, and I thought “Seriously?  He’s still around?  He sucked when he was new, like 10 years ago, didn’t he?”  That’s when I realized that I’ve been out of the loop for a lot longer than I previously thought.

Anyhow, the overhaul is complete–go check it out.

Also, I’ve opened up a skateshop kind of a thing. The folks at popdeck started up a print-on-demand service they call deckpeck for getting skateboard decks printed.  You can buy some of my art printed on these decks for a mere $50 (plus shipping).  So check it out, and buy a board.  Please?

Sorry no Grandpa Sex Machine updates–no time to color lately.  I’ve got several all sketched out, I just need to color.  Once they are up I’m going to concentrate on another project for a bit.  More on that shortly.