My passion for WHAT?!

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If you are logged in on eBay, the front page has this bit that says “Fuel your passion for _____” and then fills that blank with your most recent eBay purchase and lists several related items.  That’s great and all, but my most recent eBay purchase was a one-shot Goon comic by Eric Powell entitled “Satan’s Sodomy Baby.”  This results in an unfortunate and disturbing choice of words.

If I truly had a passion for Satan’s Sodomy Baby, I doubt that any fueling of said passion would be wise or, in fact, necessary. 

The Felice Brothers

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Have you heard these guys? Check out the song “Frankie’s Gun” and tell me if it isn’t the awesomest. I’ve been listening to it almost constantly for several weeks now. It makes me think of Eric Powell’s The Goon, and I don’t think that’s just because of the name “Frankie.” Although maybe it is.