Abe’s Card

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Awhile ago I was hanging out in Tim’s shop with Tim and Abe. Can’t remember what the project was that night, if there was one. Anyhow, Tim said, “Have you seen Abe’s card?” “No,” I said. So Abe pulled out a business card and handed it to me. It’s a red card with a black […]


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I’ve talked a bit before about brewing beer with my brother-in-law, Tim. This is the label I made a long time ago, based on Tim’s concept. He was inspired by this very cool cat named Samson. Tim saw Samson taking a dump and just looking kind of pissed off about the whole situation. In that […]

Walt and Jesse

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Here’s a little filler to give you something to look at until The Moose Riders returns. Drew this at the St. Louis Zoo this summer while killing time between caricature customers. With temperatures hovering around 107°F, I had a lot of time to kill. I love Breaking Bad. If you aren’t current, take this as […]

Zoo Doodles #2

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Here’s another sketch dump from the St. Louis Zoo. One more of these before Chapter 3 of The Moose Riders starts up. I’m working on the cover AS WE SPEAK! Continuing my adoption-reunion story from the last few weeks…Last weekend my twin sister Chris and I met our birth parents and then three of our […]

Zoo Doodles #3

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Ok, here are the last of my heat-induced sketches from working at the St. Louis Zoo this summer. Next week, I’ll stop by the Too Heavy to Skydive studio to talk to Fred and whoever else is there that day. That same night, the cover for Chapter 3 will go live! Exciting stuff! By the […]

Happy Holidays!

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Wednesday was a two-pager, so I’ve got this for today instead of a normal Moose Riders update. Also, this is filed under the Moose Riders Category, but is in the “other…” comic title so that it’s removed from the normal storyline. In case you’re wondering. Anyhow, at this precise moment I have completely lost my […]