Grandpa’s cameo

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I got a job designing a poster for a local community college theater. The play is called “My First Time,” and it’s based on the website of the same name (NSFW). Basically lots of stories from lots of folks about their first time having sex. Entertaining stuff. Anyhow, when I got the job I thought it would be an appropriate place for Gus to make an appearance. Here you see the result, minus all the wordy stuff about show-times and whatnot. The girl originally had more cleavage and was standing up while Grandpa checked out her butt, but I was asked to tone it down a bit.

SO for all you GSM fans (his facebook page has 85 followers–big time, huh?), sorry this isn’t a full-on comic like from back in the old days, but it’s the best I can give at the moment. Hope you dig it anyway.

GSM 01.26 A Day in the Park

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Well, here’s Grandpa after a long hiatus, and I’m sorry to say it may be awhile ’til you see him again.  There’s only so much I can do with this guy–every single panel is just a variation on a theme.  I might bring him back if I’m ever struck with inspiration, but for now I feel like I need to work on something else.  Thanks to Grandpa Sex Machine’s fans for supporting him through my horrible updating schedule.

GSM 01.25 Gus vs. Sarah

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I guess this is as close as Grandpa Sex Machine gets to political humor.  What it boils down to–the essential nugget of sociopolitical truth that I’m trying to get at here–is this:  Tina Fey is cute.  Vote Obama.

(If you are reading this post on Facebook, you’ll probably need to go to the original post to see the comic.)

I’ve been reading DJ Coffman’s blog a lot lately.  I came for the comic-business drama and stayed for the social commentary.  He’s predicting a landslide for Obama.  I’m not as confident, but hopeful.  DJ has talked a lot about the rampant racism in Pennsylvania.  Seeing the footage of political rallies and demonstrations there really drives that point home.  The whole situation seems to suggest that the McCain campaign’s recent certainty that they can turn PA from a blue state to a red state has more to do with them trying to exploit that racism than anything related to real politics.  Ugly stuff.

The other cool thing about DJ’s blog is it introduced me to the music of the Flobots.  Good stuff.  I could listen to “Handlebars” all day long.

Whatever your political views, please vote tomorrow (if you haven’t done so already).  Apathy sucks balls.  The predicted massive voter turn-out is definitely encouraging.

The Joys of Home Ownership

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Hey.  Not a real update here, I know–if you checked the links in this post, you’re already familiar with this image, but I haven’t been able to work on anything new.  Still bogged down in flooring drama.

My wife and I had been working on it off and on for a couple weeks, but got serious about it on Sunday when we moved all the furniture out of the bedrooms.  The carpet from the bedrooms, the hall, and living room are gone.  One layer of linoleum from both bedrooms is gone.  On Monday I rented a floor stripper/power scraper (whatever you want to call it ) thing in the hopes of getting the original vinyl flooring out of the two bedrooms.  12 hours later and I almost had one room complete, but my hands and fingers were throbbing and swollen and my abdomen bruised from the constant beating I took from the vibrating floor stripper/power scraper/electric torture device (whatever you want to call it ) thing.  And yes, I know I just used “throbbing,” “swollen,” and “vibrating,” in the same sentence.  I’m just too tired to craft it into a joke.

Anyhow, as this thoroughly enjoyable week comes to a close, the bedrooms are both ready for the new floor.  Tim is helping me out starting tomorrow at 6:45.  Of course when the bedrooms are finished it’s on to the living and dining rooms, so it looks like it’ll be awhile ’til I’m back on any kind of regular schedule here.  Thanks for your patience!

GSM 01.24 Summer Vacation

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As of last Thursday, my summer has arrived. To celebrate, got together w/ Tim (and another Tim, too) last night and did some home brewing. It’s been so long since we brewed that we forgot how the whole thing is supposed to work. Should know in a couple weeks whether or not we got it right. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say mistakes were made–with any luck, though, none of them were deadly.

The big project now is to tear up all the carpet and replace it with tile and laminate flooring. Not nearly as much fun as brewing beer, but it’s gotta be done. Once the old carpet is gone, I think things will go smoothly (Tim is running the whole installation and knows what he’s doing), but getting the old floor up (there are two layers of tile under the carpet (ugh)) will be a tremendous pain in my butt.

Anyhow, the point of me sharing my re-modeling woes with you is that this could potentially eat into my Grandpa time. I’m going to try to stick to a regular schedule, but be prepared for the occasional delay. I know that’s sucky and unprofessional, but it’s the best I can offer. I will promise not to go on another 2 year hiatus, though. Cool?

GSM 01.22 Sniff!

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Look at that! No T&A! I’m all high-class like that.

So last Friday I posted stuff that I drew at the Thurs. night Drink and Draw Social Club meeting in Belleville. I think I might make that a regular thing, or at least post something from my sketchbook on Fridays.

Also, I’m desperately trying to finish up my own submission for the Comic Book Challenge. I submitted a couple ideas last year (including the Sin Police), but I’ve got something else this time around. Came up with the idea last fall, worked on plot outlines, character designs, that kind of thing, but then got distracted by other stuff until the Challenge came along this Spring and reminded me of the idea. Wish me luck.